Welcome to Nils Tamber Golf. Did you come here because you want to improve, learn or relearn to play this noble game?

There are many aspects to learning to play golf and I can tailor a program designed specially for you, enabling you to focus on those aspects that suit you best.

I have more than 40 years experience in teaching and you can read more about me and The School on the following pages.

I like to give you: Education at its best.

I have a different teaching philosophy than most other schools, as I know that we all are different and have different prerequisites for learning and understanding golf.

I will work with you to personalize and customize your golf education, ensuring that you will have instruction that is tailored to your specific needs, providing you with the greatest possible progress in your golf game.

It’s true: when the brain knows what to do – it will do it. If you have played previously I will not change your swing, just take away the "elements" causing the problems.

You can read more about what and how we can achieve progress for you in the golf school section.

it is always about what you would like to achieve or put it in another way; your needs that will be the basis for our actions. You never have to learn things by heart or put any pressure on yourself to learn.

  • · Tell me - I forget
  • · Show me - I remember
  • · Involve me - I will understand

So you will learn golf “automatically” in a fun and contemporary way.