I started my golf career in the early sixties in a Golf Club in Stockholm as an assistant golf pro to the British Golf Professional Donald Helmn. I taught, played, repaired clubs and more. It was a lot of hard work but also lots of fun.

A few years later I played with a group of Japanese players who were visiting our club. We got along very well and had a perfect day together. After a few weeks I received an invitation to play and teach in Japan. Later, in 1969 I was offered a contract with Dunlop Golf which took me to London. I still remember Mr

Nils Tamber PGA Coach & Instructor

Richard Brown, the man responsible for contracting players. Dunlop’s Head office in Japan was in Kobe, not far from where I lived in Osaka and this was very convenient for me. In England I also got my full membership card from the British PGA.

I was not particularly successful in competitions but as a teacher, I was very popular.

I have always liked learning and perhaps as a result, enjoy teaching others. As a result, I had two fantastic years teaching in Japan, as well as being absorbed into a new culture and the very different golf-environment.

Back in Scandinavia the winters were long and summers short. Golf was only an option few months, and I needed something to do all year.

Tromso Golf Park with Salmon River where Nils Tamber was Head Pro

Beautiful Tromso Golf Park with the Salmon River

I took a commercial flying license and worked at the school as an instructor to pay for the costly education. I subsequently became a multi engine and instrument instructor, teaching future Airline pilots. I later became a Flight Captain and Supervisor in a major Scandinavian Airline where I was privy to courses in leadership, communication, human resources and psychology – all areas which  benefit my teaching now. During this period,  I remained involved in golf and also attended some courses and education through the Golf Federation. One was to lead, manage and be responsible for Elite Teams and for a number of years I was Captain for a Elite Team in Stockholm, men and women, professionals and amateurs, all playing in the highest division. In the eighties I was asked to join the Club team and made a re-amateurisation. It was mainly match play and I enjoyed a lot to play under this more non-pressure conditions. As I started to coach again I am now reinstated in the PGA. Exclusively I also have been the Head Professional (Club Pro) at the most Northern 18 hole Golf Club in the world. Tromsö Golf is situated in the most beautiful environments in Norway with “its own salmon river”. If you can ……. you shall visit it.

In the mid eighties I came in contact with Swedish Golf Academy and was affiliated in the See and Do process developed by Mr. Per Arne Brostedt (you can read more about See & Do in the web section). A very fine Instructor who gave me a great understanding how the brain works in the learning process. He learnt this from a Meta-education arranged by the Swedish Golf Federation, and in the mid nineties I also passed that education. It was the best education of all and it changed my life and my teaching philosophy.

At the end of the nineties I moved to France where I embarked upon a four month course arranged by the French Ministry of Sports to learn teaching “the French way”. Sergio Garcia Foundation in cooperation with US PGA invited me also to learn to teach handicapped people and persons with Arthritis.

To further  myself I took a course in England and completed a two year training period

at an approved Training Establishment for PGA, -  Power Golf  - followed by an European Master Teaching Diploma and a complete PUTTING ZONE education.

I feel that after more than 50 years in golf  it feels right to downsize the work. This mean that I will take time with my own golf and enjoy. My Website contains some interesting information and materials that I have left for interested golfers and former students ”refreshing”.