The Education


Today there are many golf training academies to choose from and selecting the correct one can be a challenging task.

PGA Golf Coach Nils Tamber in his finish photo from Spain

Nils Tamber

I know my skill and therefore I am sure to provide you with an engaging learning environment and the personalized instruction needed to develop all aspects of your game in an interesting, fun and contemporary way.

I do not believe in quick fixes. Truly learning and understanding golf requires time married with constructive practise. I will give you not only how but always why so you understand and build up an education you can take with you. Understanding is the key to learning and when the brain knows and understands what it shall do it will do it. So the first part of any education is to learn and understand what you should achieve. Knowledge is important, and we will always ensure that you understand the basics before moving on to the next stage. It is all in the education and when you put knowledge together with practice your learning will go much quicker, and most of all you start to enjoy your golf.

In the first stages of your career, group lessons do provide learning and a shallow understanding of techniques to be used. Later on you will find that personalized instruction is essential as each persons needs is unique and also because of differences in our physique and movability. All people need One to One education to learn good. We also use different senses when learning, some people learn quicker than others and we have to accept that we all are different!

A page from Tamber Golf training syllabus

A typical page in the School Syllabus

I use a step-by-step education program in which  you will have your own student book. In the following pages you can see some of the illustrations and text of what we are working on. We also make notes, using a Bullet-point work book so you can quickly refresh your mind and remember how things should be done.

I give lessons in English and the Scandinavian languages.

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