Digital Coaching & Real Time Training

Student Analyse of Swing

We all know that the golf swing is such a fast movement that it is very difficult to analyse. A good instructor will be able to see from positions of it and analyse your swing out from that. But even a Pro is better out using a Analyse Device where he can see exact what you are doing and he can also let you see what you are doing. That is the difference.

With the latest state of the art Golf video Analysis System for Professionals (GASP) we will be able to work together so you can see and understand how and what you shall do to improve your swing. It then becomes much easier for you to understand just what changes you need to practice to optimize your results. After a while it get so clear and it is very easy to understand.

You will be able to find your own correct and neutral swing and eliminate those ingrained and counter productive adjustments (corrections) that cost you consistency and distance.

The GASP equipment

The concept of the Digital Coaching System is to give the Coach the ability to pinpoint faults in the player’s technique and “visually” explain corrections that then are understandable. Easy Learning once you understand and can see your visually improvements illustrated. The overall experience for the student can not be better as you start to educate the “whys and the how’s” in your personal swing.

Studies have shown that more than 80% of the information the brain retains comes through the eyes. With the GASP you can also practice and see your swing immediately repeated. If correct fine, if not a new swing to see if your corrections are in place. Learning in or as close to real-time is extremely important. If you wish we can also save (store) your swings from GASP and they can then later be compared so you can see your progress.

Here you can see some sequences from Ernie Els: once you have a correct grip, a good “ready-position”  and can make a Turn & Take Away in your own “plane” you will come to a position at the top where you can “DOWNLOAD” easy. The Downswing & Impact & Follow through is ONE MOVEMENT. Once you start to swing in your plane, things gets a lot easier.

Ernie Els Down & Through

Ernie Els UP