Course Management & Statistics

“I never make stupid mistakes.  Only very, very clever ones”.  ~John Peel


Much of success in golf is based around “damage limitation”. Therefore, we have to make the most of our good shots, and minimize the effect on the overall round of our bad ones. In a word, this can be called strategy or, if you prefer a grander term, Course Management. Course management can easy be described as playing “common sense SMART”. To “get the most out of the least”.

How would you play this hole? If you click the PDF file you can see 2 larger pictures and plan your play

We shall recognize our strengths and play to them. Plan to avoid the worst trouble and don’t plan to hit perfect shots. Sensible thinking and careful planning can save many shots.  Depending of the student’s skill it will off course be different planning from Tee to Green. Can you curve the ball, i.e. control fade or draw or you play with a “steady” slice the way we plan and execute are different.  On the picture you can see hole No 4 from Terre Blanche in France is a good example of course design requiring good Management. How would you play this hole?

pdf fileDownload Two great holes to plan on!

A part in a successful Strategy is to know exact what distance to hit and how long you hit the ball CARRY. This “test” we do on a practice area using the same balls as we use on the course.  This is not science, but how can you perform if you don’t know how long you hit the ball and the distance to where you want to land the ball. I guess for a normal golfer, after little practice can improve the score  with 3 – 5 shots and make the golf more fun.


Game Statistics is the base for planned improvements

Our memories are not good at identifying trends or patterns over time. If you never record this data you will never know and you cannot correct it with practice. We need some kind of statistics of our actual game performance. There are many advanced programs for this but I think a piece of paper is good enough. To the left you see a picture of a very simple and effective example of how to use it. If you click the  PDF symbol you have instructions and possibilities to copy them for personal use . You play 6 – 8  rounds and then evaluate the results. If you play with a caddie, he can keep the statistics and then it can be more advanced. If done correctly you can say:


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