THE SWING “Long Game”

Position, load and let it go…… full swing”!

“THE FULL SWING” or Long Game


All golf swings are either one plane ……… or two plane.
So the question is: Which swing is right for you? We can sort this out together and build from there.
If you mix the two types of swings, you’ll find it difficult as they use “different engines”.  When the “target arm” on top of the swing is parallel with the shoulders, it is a one plane swing.


A two plane swing occurs when the golfer swings the arms on a more upright plane.

In the pictures you can see typical examples. Sergio Garcia  is a one plane swinger whereas Adam Scott is a two plane swinger.

A lot of people are taught a swing that doesn’t suit them well.  Once we know the proper swing for you,  we follow our Step by Step …… Training Syllabus.

The hands and the Grip

A good grip

Your hands are important, as they are the only connection between you and the club. They bring the club head back into a correct impact position. This is the moment of truth -if correct done the ball will fly as intended.

We all need different grips so there is no standard grip. You will learn your own personalized grip and understand why. This creates maximum leverage from your mechanics.

The Set Up

A good posture

Top position

The Set Up includes: Grip, Aim, Alignment, Stance and Posture. We all need different Set Ups as our bodies are different. Your posture has to be in balance and your spine straight so you can turn correctly with knees slightly flexed, giving you a perfect “ready-position”. To the right you see a picture were “sternum” and the ball is in line, creating a perfect start position for the “load”.

Turn & Take Away

Swing plane

The Master-Circle

We need to focus on our “take-away”, which must follow the “Master Circle”. This seems to be complicated but when explained it is very easy and understandable. You can control your hands all the time so focus on them. You can make a correct circle with them AND you can do it with the clubhead also….. they almost follow each other. Yellow line is backswing and red is downswing.

Down Swing & Impact & Follow Through

The Big Wheel

A good extension

If correctly done, you will find yourself in perfect position at the top with weight correctly, either for the one plane or two plane swing and ready to execute a dynamic and powerful down swing (Forward Swing). The club head passes the impact area and your weight shifts automatically to your target side. Your “cheek” remains behind the ball and your arms are straight (extended) after impact completing your swing with a balanced follow through. Its all in the “Circle”. If you do the circle correct you cannot go wrong. In all golf shoots the balance, your swing plane and leverage or rotation, depending what type of swing you use are important. After constructive practise you will get a smooth and reliable motion.


Once you have reached a fairly competent level of play, you will have the ability to implement a wide variety of shots on the course. This leads to a real advantage. Advanced shots can consists of anything from Draws to Fades or Low Shots into the wind to High Flying Shots. Players who don’t work on being able to shape the ball miss out a significant opportunity to lower their scores. When you are ready for this we will start, some shots are pretty easy. A lot comes back to the Ball Flight Laws.

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The Aim —– In the set up the aim is …………..essential. The aim is absolutely one of the most important things as this affects the development of your swing. If you aim incorrect you will start to compensate, by doing wrong swing-movements. Then you will stand changeless as your brain develops the habit of a bad, incorrect swing. The longer you use it the more difficult it will be to correct. You know… bad habits die hard. Remember that a correct AIM is a learn habit.

The same is valid for putting but it is much easier to see and understand if thought in the correct way from the beginning. So we spend some time first on the putting green. To learn and correctly understand “The Aim”.