“When you aim for perfection, you discover it’s a moving target”.  ~George Fisher

I have a unique way of teaching the game of golf. When the brain knows what to do….. it will do it.

Whether you are a new golfer interested in learning the first steps, a low handicapper or Tour player pursuing a lower score or an enthusiastic recreational player who wants greater consistency, I invite you to experience my way of teaching.

Cathrine Nilsmark at the top of the swing

A great position (Cathrine Nilsmark has naturally a two plane swing)

I will work with you to personalize and customize your golf education, ensuring that you will have instruction that is tailored to your specific needs in order to achieve the greatest possible progress in your golf game.

It is what you learn, that later on  makes it possible for you to coach yourself. What works and why, that’s it!

In learning, remember; there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.

See Do Golf training and corrections in real time

Real time corrections with Video Glasses (Students natural swing is a one plane swing)

You will receive a complete “diagnosis”, education, explanation and evaluation of your individualized needs, leading you to a satisfying and more enjoyable golf game. We will work together to achieve your goals. The key is to understand. How can you do something if you don`t understand what you shall do?

If you have played previously I am not out to change your swing, just educate you so you can eliminate the bad habits which cause you problems. I will refine your game and when you can swing freely without need for corrections you will have reached your goal.

The only way to learn well is through teaching and coaching in tandem. Working without a coach is like playing tennis with yourself: learn little and no stimuli.

I have more than 40 years experience in golf and teaching. Take a short-cut and let me give you this experience. A few weeks, it`s never too late. We all play golf because we like it, so it is important to also have fun.