Power In Golf / Increase Distance

We would all like to have a powerful swing and hit the ball further. To add 10 – 25 meters from the tee changes the game a lot.

The best way go get explosive and get distance distance is to do Olympic Weightlifting. Heavy weights and few repetitions will reach the “white, Type II ” explosive muscle fibers. White fibers contract extremely fast and with a lot of  force.

The Need for Speed / X-Factor and NOS

What is X-FACTOR?

When at the top of the swing you shall have separation between the upper and lower body . This is normally called the X-factor stretch. Separation between hip and shoulder (seen from the top) forms an X.  The more separation you can achieve between your shoulders and hips, the faster you can uncoil at impact, so the bigger the separation is between the hip and the shoulder the higher speed you can achieve at impact. Longhitters have up to 70 degrees difference between hips and shoulders, note that the position of the ”non target” knee MUST be correct for the coil. See : PDF collage pictures ”The Swing / Long Game.

If you are little older or not so well trained the NOS is very good..

Neuro Muscular Speed Training in Golf

The "Neuromuscular Overspeed Device" NOS

The NOS  (Neuromuscular Overspeed Device) also use the variable resistance that changes its weight during the swing phases. A typical NOS is slightly heavier than a normal driver but it can be swung faster. Therefore you can increase your speed up to 5 – 10 mph with just little training. A 10 mph speed increase with the Driver gives 20 meters extra in distance. We have club speed computers so we can follow your club head speed progress over time.

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