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SUSS Se Do Learning Golf with See and Do

Easy learning with See and Do. You learn in real-time and use all Learning Sences

See and Do is for people who want to learn as effectively as children. It doesn’t matter what age you are. The body and brain can perform much better for most of us, especially in golf.  What will make the big difference is how the information is presented to you. So far nothing new, right?

It doesn’t really become comprehensible until you experience it yourself. Hundreds of Scandinavian golfers have learnt through the SEE and DO system: all categories from beginners to top professionals.

How does it work?

See Do Golf training in Spain

Student using the See & Do

You wear video-glasses in which you see a golfer with a technically very good golf swing. You get to see this persons swing over and over again from several perspectives. You swing along with the model while watching. Your learning senses as the visual, kinaesthetic and audio will work together in the learning process. Your brain will use the most suitable sense for the moment copying what you see and do. The brain does not have to make any translations, you just copy. This system is especially good for people that find it difficult to coordinate too much information. After a while your brain recognizes the movements of the swing and your brain starts to store pictures of what it shall do.

You will also see yourself in the video glasses and we have found that everybody is highly capable of making changes right away when they see themselves in real-time as your brain now have the correct pictures of the swing. You cannot help it but after a few hours, you do the swing you have “stored” in your brain. Magic? No, that’s the way the brain works.

Quick fixes and band-aid cures are not the answer! A good golf swing is one that repeats itself over and over again. 85% of the information the brain stores correctly come through the eyes. This rules out all verbal miscommunication. With SEE & DO, this is easily achieved. With the SEE & DO your learning will come through the best sense-channel suitable for you.

A great follow Through with See and Do

A great follow Through with See and Do

I can guarantee you a new experience. There is no simpler way for learning golf. There is room for every learning style. They usually say that “seeing is believing”, but I’d rather make it: Seeing + Doing + Hearing respectively = Positive changes for you. I have the full program for the full swing, short game and pitch and chip. See & Do is a patented system for learning motor skills, developed by Mr P. A. Brostedt the Swedish Golf Academy.