Sports Psychology

“Put your future in good hands – your own”.  ~Author Unknown


Self-talk & Routines

Anger is Danger

Sports psychology is a huge and complicated area. Are you aiming for the tour, yes then you need to dig deeper in yourself.

For us mere mortals, it`s mainly self-talk, the way you see and treat yourself combined with routines that fits you.

In life and sports your results depends greatly of how you treat yourself (selftalk).


There is a little man sitting on your right shoulder all the time, you can not see him but you know him well – he is always there when you play golf. When your game is not up to your expectations he comes alive. The worse you play, the louder he gets. You will never get him off you but its wise to make him your friend instead. How you act when things goes badly on the course is of key importance.

A friend of mine played a big competition in northern Europe and on the first tee he hits his first tee shot up on to the roof on the clubhouse….. and the ball stayed there (the right side was marked as a lateral water hazard). He smiled and said “now at last, we are on our way”. Can you take it like he did, then you don’t need to work more with your “self-talk”. Most of us will hear other things from “the inside” and act different.

The Art to come Back after a mistake in golf

The "Art to come back" after a mistake

One more example;  a man played his second round in a big competition in Spain. He knew the course very well. The hole was exactly 320 meters and his tee shot stopped after 220 meters, leaving him with exact 100 meters to the flag. He knew it was a full wedge and he was good from this distance. He knew, within 2,5 – 3 meter from the flag. Since he saw the ball land he now started to plan the 100m shot with the wedge for about 8 minutes. When he came up to the ball, it was in a divot. He had to play an 8 iron to have a chance ….. the problem was that in his brain it was a PW and off course… it went very wrong. The little friend on the shoulder took over… and this because he had a bad routine as he planned his second shot long before he should. With a good routine you wait and decide how and what club to use when you reach and see how the ball lies. With very little training we can do a lot improvements in the game.

In general there are four types of people:

A = has a strong wish of being successful but at the same time afraid not to perform.

B = has a strong wish of being successful and its not afraid for the consequences if things goes wrong.

C = has a small wish of success  and is scared to behave bad.

D = has a small wish of success but is more happy however it turns out.

Who is most like you?

Most people I know like to be the B-TYPE. What type are you? What type do you want to be? With little training and knowledge you can improve a lot. Remember: Attitude is 100% and will to win must be stronger than the fear of losing.

There is one relationship that lasts forever. The relationship with yourself, so what is the alternative?