Stages Of Learning

To better understand “learning” I would like you familiarize yourself with the three stages of learning. Once you understand the learning process you will learn quicker with a lifetime lasting result.

It is up to us to discuss the different learning stages, once this is done and when we understand that there is a great deal of work ahead we must find out how we shall

Corrections shall be made in or as close as possible to real time

communicate, i.e. what learning-senses you prefer for this. You can read more about this in the chapter “What learning “type” are you?”

To simplify the way we understand how golf education and learning works, I prefer to present the learning progress in the following three stages.

1. THE THOUGHT PROCESS (understand how it works)

2. PROGRAMMING MOTOR SKILLS (technique training and constructive practise)

3. THE AUTOMATIC MOVEMENT (to be able to complete the movement without conscious control)

There are many of us who are impatient in making progress in changing our swings, as well as in achieving results. Some people like to practice and other prefer to play on the course. To make any changes in your swing you have to practice constructively. It is quality not quantity that counts! Knowledge of what and how you should do something together with understanding form the first stage of learning. Once the brain knows what to do, the understanding and resulting changes are achieved quickly. A few hours……….

And then for you to improve you have to work on the things that have to be corrected and to take away any compensation (bad habits) in your technique so you can swing freely in the correct plane and swing path. You will swing “IN THE BIG WHEEL” freely and with speed without any corrections. “Quick fixes will never work”!

Golf Learning Students remember

Studens remember and learn best with "See - Hear - Do"

And now advancing to stage 3, after extensive constructed practise, your motor skills will become automatic and effortless and you will no longer rely on your conscious control. Your antagonist muscles will not be connected in your swing and all movement will happen freely and naturally, your grip will be relaxed and you will also start to notice other things like the wind conditions, texture on greens and other obstacles. You will free a lot of energy so you can concentrate on course management and improved scoring.

It is when we have reached this point the golf becomes real fun and I hope you have the patience to pass these three stages as early as possible. All stages I talked about here are also valid for putting, short-game, bunker-shots etc.

To the right you can see the graph “students remember”. Out of this I know that you learn very little of reading my homepages….. I hope that you find it interesting and get curious how to become a much better golfer by using the “see, hear & do I use. Avoid the brain to make translations like in normal tuiton.

In the real world there are five stages of learning and it works differently for different personalities. Further down the page you can read about the more advanced way of seeing the learning cycles. The five stage presentation is mainly for Tour players, Coaches and Instructors.

If you click the PDF symbol you can read the complete advanced learning levels, the scientific way. They are correct but complicated, very complicated. If golf is your “living”, you are a Tour Player, Coach or Instructor you need to know them so here they are:

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