What learning type are you ?


When learning we normally use the most suitable learning-sense for the moment. We are all different so we use different senses in learning which are called representation senses. There is a great deal of difference between us all with respect to genetic make up, temperament, environment etc. Other things also affects the learning such as behaviour,  stress, ageing etc. The representation system works parallel with your different senses. We are not aware of that we, for example think in pictures or hear things inside us.


Some people are visual, some auditive, while others are kinaesthetic or analytical. When you learn, you use a combination of these senses. Most people have some sense or senses that are stronger than the others and if we know this before we start our teaching and coaching, we can focus on that.
If you are strong in visual learning you prefer pictures and if you are


kinaesthetic, we have to consider this. With this knowledge, your learning will be quicker, more understandable and more fun for both of us.

One of Europe’s leading Scandinavian Sport Psychologist has done an easy test showing you and me what senses you prefer in the learning.

What senses do you prefer? What are your strong sides? This is important for both of us as I must be able to communicate with you (using the right learning channels) in the best possible way. Make the test, its easy and takes approximately 15 minutes.

Left and Right brain have different functions in the learning process

You place 100 points on 10 different “questions”. Be honest, go for the answer you feel is right for you. After the questions you fill in the points on the chart at page 4, add them together and find out about your preferable senses for learning. Now you get a clear picture what type of learning you prefer. On the last page you will find  general answers to the different types. The test is produced by S. Sehested.

The Learning Sense Test is FREE. After you have done it, YOU KNOW what senses you prefer in Learning. Just click The PDF link to download and print the test out.

pdf file Download the Test Learning Senses for FREE